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Loneliness course

Join Dr Mark Timlin as he discusses loneliness. Mark will cover how loneliness arises, some of the core reasons why we can be lonely and what we can do to overcome loneliness.

Isolation and fear of harm during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to challenges in the way we cope mentally. Dr Mark Timlin speaks about schemas or lifetraps that could come to the fore during times of social isolation that we are experiencing as part of how our societies are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.



Want to feel better about yourself and others? Great Communities makes available online courses to help you in life in relating better to others in how you parent, how you conduct romantic relationships and throughout various situations. We have started with a course on loneliness and more will follow in the future.

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About Us

Our vision is to create “Great Communities”, ones where we enjoy great nurturing relationships with each other and our emotional needs at our very core are fulfilled.

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Training Events

Great Communities runs training events for the general public and for professionals. We go deeper into schema related topics to better equip people in their own lives. Some of our events are facilitation events where we provide training for facilitators to run our workshops in the community.

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Good Enough Parenting

Great Communities runs Good Enough Parenting workshops in Australia. You can find more information on our Good Enough Parenting page.

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