Great Communities is  passionate about changing health in the community for the better

Our vision is to create “Great Communities”, ones where we enjoy great nurturing relationships with each other and our emotional needs at our very core are fulfilled. These are communities where each of us can clearly see and understand ourselves; where we are free from lifetraps that colour the way we can see ourselves and lead to unhealthy physical and mental health. 

Great Communities are ones where we live in harmony with each other

Our mission is to build these Great Communities with schema therapy based interventions. We use schema therapy based materials because it is a scientific evidence based cognitive behavioural therapy that has been demonstrated to be effective in a wide range of situations from mild to the severe; from obvious mental illness to conditions that can impact all of us.

We do this through:

  • Schema therapy based education programs. We focus on the effects of core emotional needs not being met in people, which may result in disconnection/rejection, impaired autonomy and performance, impaired limits, unhealthy responsibility and standards, and loneliness and isolation. We seek to reach as many people in the community as possible as we are all impacted by these effects to some degree. They are connected with adverse health outcomes. We refer stronger cases to care professionals
  • Training care professionals to better understand the impacts of where core emotional needs are not being met. We use this to equip them to deliver our education programs to the community at large and to raise funds for our work

We build relationships through specialist working groups and with our commercial partners to improve access to technology and improve access to health services:

  • Remote access to health technology through telemedicine such as our relationship with SwissTecHealth. This can include interventions to improve practice, management, access to first world health specialists for third world patients and to improve access to specialists from participants in general health education programs. We act to do this both in first world countries like Australia, and in third world countries like Cambodia and Papua New Guinea

Who we are

Great Communities has a great team of people across a range of fields in the care economy, health practice and research as well as technology.

Research shows the extensive impact that life-traps, or schemas, have on human health. Our team is involve in world leading research to understand schemas better. This includes identifying positive schemas that help promote better health.

Mark Timlin

Dr Mark Timlin

Mark is a Refugee Health Fellow and a General Practitioner in primary care. He has experience in GP services in the prison system and Emergency Departments. He holds an MBE for services to health care and education.



Wayne Merry CPA

Wayne has an extensive background in both finance and IT. He has spent significant time in supporting not for profits delivering health and education in the third world through program design, grant development and acquittals and building capacity of in country staff and volunteers.

John Louis

Marini Milonas

Marini has extensive experience in the healthcare sector across Australia, SE Asia and the Middle East. He has supported a number of not for profit organisations with fund raising initiatives and has a passion for delivering first world healthcare solutions and technologies to under-developed communities.

John Louis

Dr John Louis

John is a trained Schema Therapist and his PhD thesis identified 14 positive schemas. He is passionate about the development of schemas in children through parenting, as well as any impact of culture or gender on schemas.


How we raise money

Great Communities raises money through Australian tax deductible donations and course training fees. While we make much of our training available for free on our website, we charge for professional/facilitator courses and for intensives that have Question and Answer sessions.

How we spend money

Great Communities uses funds to support running and spreading the word about this website so we can reach as many people as possible. We also use professional and facilitator training event surpluses to allow us to subsidize events targeted towards the general public or vunerable groups with special needs.

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