Good Enough Parenting Professional training

Good Enough Parenting Introduction


Training for Professionals. Parents are also welcome.

Learn how parenting can impact formation of both mal-adaptive AND adaptive schemas in children through patterns of either nurturing or exasperating interactions

Date and time:
21st OR 28th June

** This event has passed **
2:00pm to 5:30pm Melbourne Time
12:00pm to 3:30pm Singapore Time

Delivered online


Equipping Families

While clinicians and community leaders attempt to help families resolve their diverse issues, many wonder: is there a preventive approach to equipping parents so that unhealthy patterns in families can be averted, families can be more connected, and children can grow up emotionally healthier and resilient?

Good Enough Parenting: A Solution!

Good Enough Parenting (GEP) is the solution to this pressing need. GEP is an in-depth, research-based, evidence-informed parenting program which zooms in on the emotional and psychological impact of adequately (and inadequately) meeting Core Emotional Needs. It is based on Schema Therapy and endorsed by Dr Jeffrey Young, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York, and Founder of Schema Therapy.

Good Enough Parenting with Movie Therapy®

Good Enough Parenting is unique as it incorporates Movie Therapy®, where appropriate movie snippets are shown to highlight key teaching points. GEP has been taught in many countries around the world and is accredited by Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) Family Matters Program Menu.

What to expect at the training

Who Should Attend:

  • General Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Case Workers
  • Family Life Educators
  • Community Leaders
  • Parents (Non-clinical)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify parenting and family issues using the Good Enough Parenting model
  • Address problematic behaviour in children and engage couples in the intervention
  • Gain a deeper understanding of key Schema Therapy tenets such as Core Emotional Needs, Maladaptive Schemas, Positive Schemas, Schema Domains and Coping Styles
  • Learn the interplay of temperament, environment and parenting influences as key factors in the psychosocial and emotional health of children and adults, based on Schema Therapy

Key takeaways from this training (and more!):

  • Good Enough Parenting Model: The interplay of different factors on the outcome of parenting
  • Core Emotional Needs vs Maladaptive Schema Domains
  • 14 Positive Schemas
  • 18 Negative Lifetraps or Schemas
  • Three broad Coping Styles
  • Nurturing vs Exasperating Interactions
  • Specific ways to meet Core Emotional Needs
  • Vortex of Conflict Escalation (and how to avoid it)
  • Empathy and Validation of Feelings
  • Four Domains of Moral Teaching
  • Age-appropriate empowerment
  • Needs, Wants, Rights and Privileges
  • Learning-oriented vs Performance-Oriented Goals
  • Power of Being Vulnerable and Forgiving

Relevant to Primary Care:

  • Cross cultural mental health and application to Culturally And Linguistically
  • Diverse (CALD) communities
  • Teen depression and the association with the parent-child relationship
  • Adult depression and the association with childhood trauma

What You Will Receive:

  • Soft copy handouts

About Our GEP Facilitators/Trainers

Dr Mark Timlin

Timlin family

Mark currently works part time as a Refugee Health Fellow for Monash Health, covering the South East Region. He has also worked as a General Practitioner for EACH in the East Region of Melbourne. He provides primary care services for refugees and trains other doctors to better manage patients from a refugee background. Marks past experience includes working in the prison system and in the Emergency Department.

In addition to his medical work, Mark works part time with two Charities, Great Communities and HOPE worldwide (Australia). Mark and his wife Vicki worked overseas in Afghanistan and Pakistan for a few years. For his humanitarian work Mark was awarded an MBE for services to health care and education in 2004.

In respect to the GEP program, Mark was trained by John and Karen Louis in 2011 and has conducted a number of workshops in Australia, Papua New Guinea and India. Mark has three children, Aisha (16), Joel (14) and Caelan (12).

Mark is passionate about preventing and alleviating harm and poverty through his medical work and this also extends to utilising the GEP program to prevent emotional trauma and build resilience in children.



What are Professionals saying?

In a world of too much information, Good Enough Parenting teaches parents how to meet core emotional needs, and, at the same time, how to avoid passing down their own dysfunctional behaviors. Schema Therapy has been successful with adults, but I have always wanted to see someone do something on preventing schemas, or Lifetraps, in children, and here it is!

Dr Jeffrey Young, Dept. of Psychiatry, Columbia University, NY, Founder, Schema Therapy

Good Enough Parenting has definitely created more awareness for me in relation to both my parenting as well as professional development skills. With the insight and awareness, I hope to better my relationship with my children. Professionally, am glad I have another evidence-informed parenting strategy to share with my clients, to facilitate the problem-solving process.

Geraldine Yang, Principal Counselling Psychologist, Singapore

Good Enough Parenting was better than good, it was great! I have been to numerous training sessions on Marriage, Behavior and Parenting, but none as practical and beneficial as GEP. GEP takes an in-depth look in the before, during and after of parenting. We laughed, cried, learned, and shared our victories as well as defeats. Everyone who attended the workshop was truly blessed by this training. It is a MUST for parents as well as grandparents!

William R. Scott, PhD in Educational Psychology, Gainesville, Florida

Indeed an excellent course that intrigued me even when I saw the brochure. A timely course that addressed my concerns on systemic issues that was affecting families and taught me how to address it effectively. Its fundamental principle of the family being the nucleus and parents being the conduit and catalyst of change is a strong message. Along with the imperative to address active negative schemas in one’s own life and getting to the ‘root’ of the matter are ‘wow’ moments during the course. Especially love the Repair & Reconnect part which helps me as a mother in my journey with my children and this is something I would love to share to my colleagues.

Annu Ratha Jayaram, School Counsellor, Singapore

Time and places are limited

Register today to secure your place. Prices for training will rise closer to the event.

21st of June Online Seminar (passed)

2pm (Melbourne) or 12pm (Singapore) Start

Three hours of GEP training, including segments on vulnerable populations. Time provided for a break and Question and Answers.

Your investment: $120 plus GST early bird rate

We are building an online course based on this seminar, we expect this to be available late July 2020.

28th of June Online Seminar

2pm (Melbourne) or 12pm (Singapore) Start

Three hours of GEP training, including segments on vulnerable populations. Time provided for a break and Question and Answers.

Your investment: $120 plus GST early bird rate

We are building an online course based on this seminar, we expect this to be available late July 2020.

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