Great Communities launches the Great Communities Care Economy Program.



Recent Royal Commissions and Inquiries into individual parts of the care economy, such as aged care, disability and mental health, have found consistent and endemic issues that are unlikely to be able to be resolved efficiently and effectively in the absence of a sector wide approach. Many of these issues contribute to both acute and chronic conditions for consumers in this sector.

The opportunity in response is that a whole of care economy innovative approach can break down the silos, improve productivity and improve consumer outcomes in both preventing many of the associated physical and mental diseases. In light of this, Great Communities is excited to announce the launch of our Great Communities Care Economy program. Through this program we seek to build on existing efforts to build collaborative approaches to:

  • improve innovation,
  • increase service delivery, productivity and effectiveness, including through use of technological innovation,
  • raise care worker portability throughout the sector,
  • improve the sector’s capability to attract and retain its workforce, and
  • build a stronger focus on consumer-directed care.

Great Communities will establish a steaming committee to be chaired by its newest board member Mr Marini Milonas. The steering committee will be responsible for developing and delivering the program in conjunction with its partners and reporting directly to the Great Communities board.

Steering committee Chair and Director Marini Milonas spoke of the sector’s size being 10% of GDP and being forecast to generate more that 200,000 jobs in the next 5 years.

“I’m excited by the potential this project has to drive meaningful change to our care economy and the positive impact to the millions in our community that are reliant on it.”

Managing Director of Great Communities Wayne Merry said that bringing the sector together in this program helps on the journey to create a great community.

“We have a strong conviction that this program, given funding, is very likely to lead to step changes in people’s lives throughout the care economy. A true measure of a community is how it looks after its aged, its disabled, and others who are in need. We have a great health system in looking after the sick, but now its time to extend that right throughout the care economy.”

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