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Transforming health services in PNG


Great Communities and SwissTec Analytics are working together to transform primary health care practice in Papua New Guinea.

Working with our in country partners, we seek to transform primary health care through application of in clinic and in the cloud technology to improve consistency of day to day clinical practice and reliable data collection, management and access.

How you can help

You can:

  • Donate money for project costs such as equipment

If you are a medical practitioner:

  • help train in country staff through SwissTecHealth on line training platforms
  • participate in training sessions in Australia to equip staff in Papua New Guinea
  • donate your time to provide expert assistance to in-country clinical staff helping the general population
  • support paid telehealth consulations to expat and high end clients with funds raised used to support the overall program
Partnership between Great Communities and SwissTec Analytics

Why this project?

Clinical practice in PNG is challenging

Primary health care delivery in Papua New Guinea is performed in a challenging environment. What would normally be delivered by General Practitioner doctors in a first world setting is performed by nurses and lower level clinical staff in PNG. Even in Port Moresby, a clinic might be visited by a doctor only twice a week, or less often. Remote clinics might be visited by a doctor only once every several months or even less often.

Clinical practice is inconsistent

Standards of clinical care in Papua New Guinea are significantly lower than what would be delivered in first world countries like Australia, New Zealand or Singapore. Clinical information is often only recorded in patient carried exercise books (like ones you may have used at school). Training of staff is haphazard and basic diagnoses are often missed.

We have a practical solution

Great Communities have people who are very familiar with the challenges in Papua New Guinea, who have spent years in country. We have joined up with SwissTecHealth who have extensive and mature health delivery platforms. These include SpecialistDirect, PatientPortal and HealthMate+. SwissTecHealth have been working with HOPE worldwide in Cambodia to deliver these solutions and we are excited to work with them to deliver solutions in Papua New Guinea

What does this project involve?

Clinic Stage 1a:

Deliver a “remote” nursing solution in a Port Moresby urban clinic

  • Mobile phone app based, or potentially a HealthMate+ watch delivery platform
  • Vitals measurement equipment
  • Standard clinical consulations delivered through platform
  • SwissTecHealth Hospital Information System configuration for clinical records management

Sub-Project 1b:

Deliver vital medical equipment, consumables and support equipment to the Port Moresby urban clinic:

  • Emergency trolleys, defibrillator machines, adult and child resuscitators
  • A utility vehicle used as part of clinic outreach and day to day practice
  • Oxygen concentrators and tubing
  • A range of consumables such as dressings

Sub-Project 1c:

Extend the platform delivered in Sub-Project 1-a through:

  • Extending the platform to provide consistent referrals to specialists and medical departments, such as to Port Moreby General Hospital
  • Provide a platform for second opinions and delivery of pathology test results
  • Apply AI machine learning through the SwissTecHealth platform to alert nurses to higher probability diagnoses
  • Provide access to volunteer specialist tel-consulations to Australia and other countries

Sub-Project 2:

Identify key training needs in the urban clinics and develop a training plan with two main methods of delivery:

  • Remote teaching platforms provided by SwissTecHealth, delivered to nursing staff in Papua New Guinea
  • Training delivered in Australia at a Queensland centre of excellence

Sub-Project 3:

Great Communities and SwissTecHealth are committed to sustainable health delivery models that build reliance on internal revenues and not be subject to ongoing donations. To this end we will leaverage capacity gained through Subprojects 1 and 2 to build a commercial health delivery platform to service the high end and expat markets on a full fee for service basis. This model utilitises those who have appropriate insurance or capacity to pay to help fund delivery of health services to those most in need.

  • Leverage SpecialistDirect to deliver specialist and referral services to private hospitals
  • Allow quality health care to be delivered in PNG, avoiding trips to Cairns or Brisbane in Australia
  • Develop long term in country corporate structures to provide ongoing funding

Sub-Project 4:

Build on the previous sub-projects to extend the technology throughout the country.

  • Mobile networks provide extensive connectivity throughout Papua New Guinea
  • Even in remote areas, people are familiar with using Android phones

About Us

Great Communities

Timlin family

Great Communities is passionate about changing health in the community for the better

Our vision is to create “Great Communities”, ones where we enjoy great nurturing relationships with each other and our emotional needs at our very core are fulfilled. These are communities where each of us can clearly see and understand ourselves; where we are free from lifetraps that colour the way we can see ourselves and lead to unhealthy physical and mental health.


You can learn more about us at our about page.

SwissTec Analytics


Swisstec Analytics is a Darwin, Australia based company providing a holistic, collaborative approach to the care economy.

Swisstec Analytics commercialises advanced science and converging innovative digital technologies to satisfy global population health demands for access, sustainability, and growth.

Swisstec Analytics seeks to improve people’s wellbeing with aim to creating resilient communities with fair & equitable healthcare.

You can learn more about SwissTec Analytics on their web site.

What are the costs of the project?

Sub-Project 1a

  • $20,000 for 4x clinical visits to Papua New Guinea
  • $10,000 for 2x project management visits to Papua New Guinea
  • $5,000 for in clinic equipment
  • $20,000 for Australian based project management
  • $20,000 for PNG based implementation support
  • $5,000 for initial communications costs on trial basis.

This project depends on significant contributions of pro-bono consulting and support, both from medical and information technology professionals and access to SwissTecHealth technology platforms.

Sub-Project 1b

  • $40,000 for a utility vehicle
  • $10,000 for emergency trolleys
  • $5,000 for defibrillators
  • $20,000 for Oxygen concentrators and related consumables
  • $2,000 for Nebuliser machines and consumables
  • $20,000 for general clinical consumables
  • $10,000 for shipping and logistics

Subsequent stages

Estimates of these costs will be made available as the project progresses. Sub-project 2 will involve significant travel costs, while Sub-project 3 is likely to cost a similar amount to Sub-project 1a.

How can you get involved?

We need your support to make this transformational project happen. We need financial support. If you are a health professional, your expertiese can be put to use to effect significant change in Papua New Guinea.

Your Tax Deductible donation

Support our work financially through donating to support this project.

You can donate using the Give Now platform using the link below. The platform will issue you a tax receipt. Put a note that your donation is to support PNG health.

If you wish to donate a large amount, please get in touch with us to arrange a direct bank transfer. We will then issue you a tax receipt directly.

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